NeuralGenie is an intelligent solution based on neural network-based models that facilitate expert consultation and second opinion on important medical situations and cases. It aims to provide seasoned medical practitioners an option for an expert second consultation for ambiguous cases.

Medical practitioners in rural and remote areas – where there is often shortage of specialist consultants – can obtain immediate advice based on a variety of parameters even in ongoing situations.

Researchers and students can benefit from NeuralGenie to enhance findings on a variety of medical topics – that can aid development of new techniques.



NeuralGenie extracts key data points from medical records and further on, our deep matching platform and algorithms assist practitioners and researchers in key decision making.

NeuralGenie provides the required diagnostics for further consideration. Researchers and practitioners can also leverage deep insights, trends, predictive analytics continuously curated by NeuralGenie.


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Whether you are a practicing doctor, physician or run medical institutions such as clinic, hospital or a research centre, NeuralGenie is here to help your practice and improve your services for better patient care.

Together, we can build a resilient platform that provides practical information based on actual data interpreted by an ever increasing knowledge model.

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