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Powering Medical Insights Through AI

We are on a mission to simplify insights in medical research, prognosis, and diagnosis processes by providing an online platform for individuals and organisations alike – to be able to instantly refer to an expert knowledge-base on demand.


Access diagnostic information based on proven use-cases via well-documented APIs.


Instant analysis of patient’s x-rays based on advanced artificial intelligent algorithms.

Consulting Genie

Resident AI/ML experts and software development teams for your AI/ML initiatives.



NeuralGenie is an intelligent solution based on neural network-based models that facilitate expert consultation and second opinion on important medical situations and cases. 

It aims to provide seasoned medical practitioners with an option for an expert second consultation for ambiguous cases.


Expert Consultation and 2nd Opinion Platform

An Autonomous and Independent Neural Engine

Unique opportunity for large institutions seeking technology support


Ever-improving and continually enriching knowledge-base


Suitable for solo practitioners, researchers and charities


Secured and compliant cloud infrastructure



KL-Genie is a solution that uses intelligence provided by NeuralGenie to assess and provide automated Kellgren-Lawrence grading for Osteoarthritis in the knee – for the desired patient knee X-Ray.

It aims to provide seasoned medical practitioners with an option for an expert second consultation for ambiguous cases.

Dedicated X-Ray examiner for Osteoarthritis

Uses the intelligence of NeuralGenie

Simple front-end solution for practitioners

Cost-effective and easy to adopt subscription model

Option to try-before-subscribe

Strong privacy and data security controls


Consulting Genie

We offer bespoke consultations and software development services for customer organisations. Keeping in mind the sensitivity of the outcomes, we are very conscious of the care and focus needed for our consultations.

We look into each problem and carefully select best-fit innovative tools and proprietary technologies.

Complete life-cycle support from solution design to delivery

Experienced team of AI/ML consultants

Compliances and security conscious approach to design and development

Solutions based on aeading AI/ML technology options

End-to-end visibility and transparency during execution

Flexible and adaptable commercial models

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