Provides automated Kellgren-Lawrence grading for knee Osteoarthritis using the intelligence provided by NeuralGenie

KL-Genie is a solution that uses intelligence provided by NeuralGenie to assess and provide automated Kellgren-Lawrence grading for Osteoarthritis in the knee – for the desired patient knee X-Ray.

It allows the users to upload X-Rays and get an automated reading. These findings can be used by technicians, consultants for further follow ups and schedule appointments with the patients.

Based on user and organisation preferences, models can be continuously trained to provide accurate readings.


Benefit from KL-Genie?

Medical Practioners

All medical practioners can benefit from our solutions and get a second opinion in ambiguous cases or have an instant reference point in case of shortage of senior consultants

Researchers and Students

If you are a researcher or a student, you benefit from NeuralGenie to enhance findings on a variety of medical topics – that can aid development of new techniques.

3rd Party Developers

You can use our well-documented API framework to access the platform to build solutions leveraging the power of NeuralGenie as per needs and wants of your local community.


NeuralGenie can help?

  • Enables instant verifiable decision making / second opinion in ambiguous cases
  • Saves valuable consultant time on routine X-Ray reporting
  • Benefits professionals and organisations through the use of updated models based on continuing new AI inputs
  • Facilitates management of disease progression
  • Enables non-specialists to provide verified AI guided inputs in the X-Ray analysis process whilst also allowing for a more senior professional to ratify the findings and/or provide expert inputs if needed
  • Enables due attention to cases in situations of being short-staffed
  • Significantly facilitates optimisation of resources within large hospitals/organisations.
  • Saves significant time for researchers, of going through large volumes of data by referencing updated models based on continuing AI inputs
  • Validates ongoing  research findings
  • Benefit from the latest developments in AI and resultant findings at a fractional cost - without having to explore elaborate funding options. 
  • Enables the study of impact of various parameters affecting disease progression and formulation of early detection and  preventive/corrective measures
  • Complete freedom to build custom solutions for local markets based on AI-based information continuously trained on global data
  • Complete access to all REST APIs based on a subscription model
  • Flexibility to access framework from our secure cloud or deploy locally within customer infrastructure.

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